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Definition: To seize someone, usually because they are suspected of committing a crime, and take them into police custody.


It’s more common than you think. Shoplifting-related charges are routinely laid against people from all walks of life. This blog post from Toronto criminal defence lawyer Tushar K. Pain outlines the steps that may follow after being arrested for shoplifting.

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This booklet provides information to explain the assistance provided by the Government of Canada through the Consular Services of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada in Ottawa, and through Canadian diplomatic and consular offices abroad. Canadian consular officials have extensive experience, understand how difficult the situation can be and are there to provide advice and assistance. Available to read online or download as a PDF.

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The Canadian Civil Liberties Association has put together this manual to help you know what you must do, what you do not have to do and what you may wish to do in situations involving the police. The final section lists sources for making a complaint about the police for each province and territory in Canada. (PDF – 12 pages) 

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This publication produced by Community Legal Education Ontario uses a question and answer format to describe citizen’s rights when interacting with the police. The information is about federal law; references to community agencies are for Ontario. (PDF – 18 pages)
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In this short online resource, Éducaloi explains your rights during an arrest, your right to a lawyer and your right to remain silent.

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The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms ensures that your rights are protected during an arrest. Police officers cannot arrest you at will; they must obey certain rules. They may need to get a warrant from the court to arrest you or enter your home. The police must carefully consider the particular circumstances surrounding every single arrest. In this Infosheet, Éducaloi explains your rights during an arrest and your right to a lawyer.

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This article from the law firm Pringle Chivers Sparks uses a question and answer format to explain what information you must give to the police and things to consider before speaking with the police about criminal matters.
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