Legal Collections and Libraries

Listed on this page are libraries that provide law-related information. Many offer materials and databases that can be accessed online as well as online catalogues of their materials. They may also provide legal reference services and other research assistance.

Suggested Resources


The Audiovisual Library is a unique, multimedia resource that consists of three sections: a Historic Archives, a Lecture Series, and a Research Library.
Related legal topic(s): Communications and media, International law, Law libraries, Legal history

The World Legal Information Institute (WorldLII) is a free, independent and non-profit global legal research facility developed collaboratively by Legal Information Institutes and other organisations. WorldLII comprises three main facilities: Databases, Catalog and Websearch. The Databases include case-law, legislation, treaties, law reform reports, law journals, and other materials (1165 databases from 123 jurisdictions via 14 Legal Information Institutes). The WorldLII Catalog provides links to over 15,000 law-related web sites in every country in the world. Websearch makes searchable the full text of as many of these sites as WorldLII's web-spider can reach.
Related legal topic(s): Courts and court judgments, International law, Law libraries, Legislative materials


The Canadian Library Gateway provides a centralized window to Canadian libraries of all types and sizes. Through this site you can find information on and link to:

  • Canadian library catalogues and Websites
  • directory of Canadian interlibrary loan and charging policies
  • directory of special collections held in Canadian libraries
  • other resources of interest
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Through the Criminology Information Service (CIS), the Centre provides professional and innovative solutions to criminal justice communities worldwide. The CIS houses the leading Canadian research collection of criminological material, consisting of more than 25.000 books, journals, government reports, statistics and other documents, which can be accessed in person or electronically via the World Wide Web. The information covers a wide range of subject areas, including public and private policing; violence deviance and social control; young offenders; criminology, and criminal law.

Related legal topic(s): Criminology, Law libraries, Research reports and institutes

This website from Service Canada will enable users to access all insurance jurisprudence (i.e. CUBs (Canadian Umpire Benefits), Fderal Court and Supreme Court decisions.

Related legal topic(s): Law libraries, Legislative materials, Loss of employment

The Homeless Hub is a web-based research library and information center where community services providers, researchers, government representatives, and the general public can access and share research, stories, and best practices associated with alleviating homelessness and housing instability.

Related legal topic(s): Affordable housing, Homelessness, Research reports and institutes

This index provides bibliographic access to materials associated with more than 200 federal Royal Commissions that have taken place since Confederation. There are approximately 7000 items in the index that includes commission reports, briefs, submissions, evidence, working papers and other documents.

Related legal topic(s): Law libraries, Research reports and institutes

This online resource from Imagine Canada, provides recommended resource lists and a searchable database to the John Hodgson Library collection, the most comprehensive collection of Canadian research and practical resources in the following areas: Governance & Accountability, Philanthropy & Fundraising, Organizational Management, Human Resources and Volunteerism.
Related legal topic(s): Law libraries, Non-profit and charity law

This Library is housed in the offices of the Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA) in Toronto. The website contains the catalogue of the collection database, including numerous topical research files. The collection reflects the multidisciplinary nature of many environmental issues with a focus on environmental law and policy and includes access to the publications of the former Canadian Institute for Environmental Law and Policy. Researchers who are unable to visit our library may call and request some materials from the collection or receive advice on other locations where they may be found.

Related legal topic(s): Environmental protection and conservation, Law libraries, Natural resources

The Library of the Supreme Court of Canada provides the research base for the Court in its role of deciding questions of national importance. It is a research library geared to meet the immediate information needs of the Court. The Library has an extensive collection of both primary and secondary materials from the major common and civil law jurisdictions: Canada, United Kingdom, United States, Australia, New Zealand, France and Belgium; a large collection of legal periodicals, loose-leaf services and major legal texts.

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