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Right to Love: Grandparent's Rights

This video explains the traditional role of Aboriginal grandparents, the historical significance of family members being severed from one another, and what a grandparent can do to maintain connection to their grandchild in government care in Alberta today. Grandparents will learn about Family Group Conferences, guardianship, kinship care, and visitation and feel empowered in their sacred family role.

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Alberta Resources

This online resource is from the Government of Alberta and provides information on initiatives and programs currently underway in Alberta through partnerships between the Alberta Solicitor General, Alberta Justice and Aboriginal communities, groups and organizations, as well as other topics of interest regarding Aboriginal justice.

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This directory provides a listing of services available in your specific region. You can search by location and category for social and legal services available in Alberta.

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The Aboriginal Multi-Media Society is an independent Aboriginal communications organization dedicated to providing objective, mature and balanced coverage of news, information and entertainment relevant to Aboriginal issues and peoples. Publications include: Alberta Sweetgrass, BC Raven’s Eye, Ontario Birchbark, Saskatchewan Sage and Windspeaker (national). Selected articles are featured on the website. They also operate the CWFE-FM radio station, available live online.

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The BearPaw Legal Education & Resource Centre (BearPaw Education) is a program offered by Native Counselling Services of Alberta and funded by the Alberta Law Foundation aimed at helping Aboriginal people navigate the legal system and gain awareness of their legal rights. The BearPaw Education's mandate is to promote awareness of the legal rights and obligations of Aboriginal people living in Alberta and to enhance Aboriginal peoples’ connection and access to justice. 

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A comic book produced by the BearPaw Education (NCSA), Breachis an entertaining look at a serious topic - breach charges and administration of justice. This youth-oriented resource aims to reinforce the importance of following court orders by explaining the consequences of breaching such orders as well as the benefits of following them.

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"Duty to consult' refers to the rulings that the Supreme Court of Canada and many lower courts have issued over the years stating that government and private companies have a duty to consult with Aboriginal people whenever Crown decisions or actions have the potential to adversely affect Treaty or Aboriginal rights. Consultation with Aboriginal people can also be required in the case of government decisions that affect public lands and waters where Aboriginal peoples have interests. This online resource was produced by BearPaw Legal Education & Resource Centre.

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The First Nations Information Connection is an initiative of the University of Alberta Libraries in collaboration with First Nations institutions and in partnership with Alberta Advanced Education and Technology, Sun Microsystems, OCLC, and Nexen Inc. It allows students and faculty in seven First Nations educational institutions to take full advantage of the Lois Hole Campus Alberta Digital Library. The FNIC also provides access to a collection of culturally significant web resources. Most resources are also accessible to the general public.

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The ministry of Justice and Solicitor General is responsible for policing and policing standards in Alberta. First Nations are policed by the RCMP Provincial Police Service unless another arrangement is made under Section Five of the Police Act. There are a number of First Nations communities that have made other policing arrangements through agreements with the province and Canada—either through a Tripartite Agreement (TA) or a Community Tripartite Agreement (CTA).
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This information on the law and the welfare of children in Alberta is provided by BearPaw Legal Education and Resource Centre.

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