Here you will find selected resources focused on women’s rights and equality issues as well as women’s participation in the law and public policy development. If you are looking for resources aimed at Aboriginal women, see the section Aboriginal Women.

For resources about specific legal topics of concern to women (for example, domestic abuse or family law) see the section Learn More About... or search the list of all legal topics.

Suggested Resources

Canadian Law and the Modern Day Foreign Bride

Canadian Law and the Modern Day Foreign Bride is a website of the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta. The website was created in collaboration with Changing Together… a Centre for Immigrant Women and is intended to address issues facing foreign brides who generally wish to enter Canada via sponsorship in the family class. The site is geared towards providing information to individuals who are: thinking of marrying and moving to Canada, in the process of having an arranged marriage with someone in Canada, coming to Canada as a mail order bride, and more….

Related legal topic(s): Divorce and separation, Family law general resources, Marriage

Alberta Resources

The Women's Centre of Calgary is an ongoing source of information, support and advocacy. The Centre offers women quick access to emergency food, personal care supplies and bus tickets. It provides referrals to other agencies for food, clothing, furniture, housing, health, employment, education and recreation. The Centre operates a Legal Advice Clinic where volunteer lawyers provide free, half-hour legal advice sessions to women. The clinic is aimed at providing women with the preliminary information and support they may need to access the legal system. Family and other types of law are addressed, but not criminal law.

Related legal topic(s): Family law general resources, Legal services


CAEFS is an association of self-governing, community-based Elizabeth Fry Societies that work with and for women and girls in the justice system, particularly those who are, or may be, criminalized. The website provides contact information for member societies across the country and a directory of programs and services in each region.

Related legal topic(s): Advocacy, Reintegration, Restorative justice

The Canadian Feminist Alliance for International Action (FAFIA) is a dynamic coalition of over 50 Canadian women’s equality-seeking and related organizations. FAFIA’s mandate is to further women’s equality in Canada through domestic implementation of its’ international human rights commitments.
Related legal topic(s): Human rights

The Canadian Women Voters Congress is a non-partisan, grassroots organization, dedicated to encouraging all Canadian women to become strong, effective voices at all levels of government. The Congress helps women achieve success in politics and leadership. Their purpose is to: educate women about political and organizational systems, encourage women of all backgrounds and political persuasions to participate in the political process, and inspire women to assume leadership roles.
Related legal topic(s): Political process and voting

CERA’s Women’s Program was established in early 2000 to address low-income women’s experiences of inequality and discrimination in housing in Canada. The Women’s Program undertakes advocacy, litigation support, networking and research aimed at investigating and addressing the economic and social conditions that contribute to women’s inequality in housing.

Related legal topic(s): Advocacy, Affordable housing, AIDS/HIV, Homelessness, Human rights, Poverty

DAWN-RAFH Canada is a national organization controlled by and comprised of women who self-identify as Women with disAbilities. DAWN-RAFH Canada's mission is to end the poverty, isolation, discrimination and violence experienced by women with disabilities.

Related legal topic(s): Disabilities

Justice for Girls (JFG) is a non-profit organization from British Columbia that promotes freedom from violence, social justice and equality for teenage girls who live in poverty. JFG programs include: Criminal Justice Monitoring Program, Advocacy Program, Young Women's Internship Program and Public Education Activities.
Related legal topic(s): Poverty, Racism, Youth criminal justice

LEAF is a national, non-profit organization committed to using the provisions of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms to promote equality for women. The organization has a two-fold mandate: to ensure that the rights of women and girls in Canada, as guaranteed in the Charter are upheld in our courts, human rights commissions and government agencies and to provide public education on the issues of gender equality. LEAF also undertakes legal action by intervening at the Canadian appellate courts on significant cases that will establish important principles of equality for women.

Related legal topic(s): Charter of Rights, Human rights, Public legal education organizations

A national non profit women's organization which promotes the equality rights of women through legal education, research and law reform advocacy.
Related legal topic(s): Human rights