Adult Interdependent Relationships

Across Canada, "common law relationships" are dealt with differently in law. In Alberta, such an arrangement is called an Adult Interdependent Relationship. The materials here detail how the Adult Interdependent Relationship Act affects your situation.

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This site of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) is provided by the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta. The law with regard to common law relationships in Alberta was changed in June 2003 with the introduction of the concept of ‘adult interdependent relationships’. This resource answers questions about how such a relationship is defined and the nature of adult interdependent partner agreements.

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CPLEA has created new resources on Family Law in Alberta in partnership with the Edmonton Community Legal Centre. The five booklets in the series provide practical legal information on Child Custody and ParentingFinancial SupportProperty Division, Representing Yourself in Family Court, and Young Parents. The booklets provide information for both married and unmarried couples.  The booklets can be downloaded for free at Select Family Law from the drop down menu.

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The act outlining the rights and responsibilities of people living in "common law" relationships (not marriages) or who have signed an interdependent relationship agreement.
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The Adult Interdependent Relationships Act was passed during the fall 2002 sitting of the provincial Legislature and became law on June 1, 2003. This act amended several Alberta laws for people in unmarried relationships involving economic and emotional interdependency. These laws set out the financial and property benefits and responsibilities attached to these relationships. The act covers a range of personal relationships that fall outside of marriage, including committed platonic relationships where two people agree to share emotional and economic responsibilities. Includes a sample Adult Interdependent Partner Agreement (PDF - 4 pages, 2003)

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This information on adult interdependent relationships is provided by Calgary Legal Guidance. This topic page discusses common-law relationships now called Adult Interdependent Relationships as set out in Alberta's Adult Interdependent Relationships Act

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This online resource from the Student Legal Services of Edmonton includes information about common law relationships and the Adult Interdependent Relationships Act, property rights, other benefits and statutes (Alberta) and Federal Acts. This resource is also available to download as a PDF.

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