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Are you being discriminated against because of your sexual orientation? Are you wondering about your rights as part of a same-sex couple, or as a parent?

Gathered on this page are resources that were developed with you in mind. But there may be general resources that are also appropriate.

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CPLEA Suggested Resources

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The purpose of this site is to provide plain language information about the law to victims of violence in intimate relationships and their supporters. Willownet provides legal information that may help you if you are experiencing violence in a relationship. The site has information that is helpful on: facts about abuse, effects of relationship violence, what the law says about abuse, leaving the relationship safely (safety plan), taking your kids with you, pets, Protective Orders (EPOs, KBPOs) and going to court. The site also provides links to other family violence resources.

Related legal topic(s): Bullying, Child abuse, Elder abuse, Family violence general resources, Protective orders, Relationship violence, Sexual assault, Sexual harassment, Spousal abuse

This site of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) is provided by the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta. The law with regard to common law relationships in Alberta was changed in June 2003 with the introduction of the concept of ‘adult interdependent relationships’. This resource answers questions about how such a relationship is defined and the nature of adult interdependent partner agreements.

Related legal topic(s): Common law relationships

Alberta Resources

This publication from Alberta Children and Youth Services (Prevention of Family Violence and Bullying Unit) explains the nature of abuse in LGBTQ intimate relationships. It then describes what you can do if you realize that you are in an abusive LGBTQ relationship or you are concerned about a friend who may be in such a situation. (PDF – 15 pages)

Related legal topic(s): Relationship violence, Spousal abuse

The Government of Alberta is committed to celebrating and supporting all communities, including the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered and Questioning (LGBTQ) community. There are a number of online programs and support for the LGBTQ community that address issues such as discrimination, bullying, family violence and mental health issues. This page provides links to various programs and services to the LGBTQ community.

Related legal topic(s): Bullying, Child abuse, Family violence general resources, Human rights

Alberta LGBTQ+'s mission is to bring together businesses, communities, and government to build a thriving business community that promotes the equality and inclusion of gender and sexually diverse individuals in commerce and at work. 

Related legal topic(s): Business, Human rights

The Adult Interdependent Relationships Act was passed during the fall 2002 sitting of the provincial Legislature and became law on June 1, 2003. This act amended several Alberta laws for people in unmarried relationships involving economic and emotional interdependency. These laws set out the financial and property benefits and responsibilities attached to these relationships. The act covers a range of personal relationships that fall outside of marriage, including committed platonic relationships where two people agree to share emotional and economic responsibilities. Includes a sample Adult Interdependent Partner Agreement (PDF - 4 pages, 2003)

Related legal topic(s): Common law relationships

An all-inclusive website and resource for anyone in the transgender spectrum in the province of Alberta.

Related legal topic(s): Human rights

This website, provided by the Government of Alberta, helps parents, teens and community members take control of this issue by giving them the tools they need to prevent or intervene in a bullying situation. It has fact sheets on issues such as cyberbullying and homophobic bullying, as well as more general information concerning the effects of bullying and what constitutes bullying.

Related legal topic(s): Bullying

Calgary Outlink: Center for Gender & Sexual Diversity strives to create healthy communities and brighter futures for LGBTQ+ individuals. They provide a safe community space equipped with support services, education opportunities, a support line, and access to resources.

Related legal topic(s): Bullying, Harassment, Hate crime, Homelessness, Human rights

This online resource from the Student Legal Services of Edmonton includes information about common law relationships and the Adult Interdependent Relationships Act, property rights, other benefits and statutes (Alberta) and Federal Acts. This resource is also available to download as a PDF.

Related legal topic(s): Common law relationships, Family law general resources

Handy guide to terminology pertinent human rights law, privacy, revealing gender identity to other employees, use of bathrooms and other issues regarding accommodation of trans-identified persons in the workplace.

Related legal topic(s): Civil liberties, Human rights, Workers' rights and employment standards

Background information and resources for teachers and students on lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans-identified youth. Includes applicable laws; suitable for grades 9 and up.

Related legal topic(s): Civil liberties, Classroom materials, Harassment, Human rights, Racism

These guidelines support the creation of welcoming, caring, respectful and safe learning environments that foster diversity and nurture a sense of belonging and a positive sense of self . Their purpose is to enable school authorities to use best practices in creating and supporting learning environments that respect diverse sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expressions. (January 2016)

Related legal topic(s): Bullying, Classroom materials, Human rights, School law, School safety

The Alberta Civil Liberties Research Centre (ACLRC) has worked with the lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) communities for over 20 years. They have developed several publications, resources and services that help schools, community groups and organizations understand and support LGBT populations.

Related legal topic(s): Civil liberties, Human rights

This publication from the Alberta Human Rights Commission explains protection against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. (July 2017)

Related legal topic(s): Diversity, Human rights

The Rainbow Pages is a resource guide developed by The Family Centre to provide Two-Spirit, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual+ (2SLGBTQIA+) youth and youth-serving communities with a consolidated guide of support available in Edmonton. We provide a directory of services and supports on our website as well as physical brochures for organizations and the community.

Related legal topic(s): Bullying, Human rights

This website was developed by the Alberta Civil Liberties Research Centre with the assistance of a number of Alberta organizations who serve the LGBT community. It offers information and resources for LGBT youth and provides legal information on LGBT rights, issues in the workplace or other human rights issues

Related legal topic(s): Bullying, Civil liberties, Harassment, Hate crime, Human rights


Who are we? The answer, in brief, is a group of volunteers working in Toronto to preserve lesbian and gay history in Canada and beyond. We've been at it since 1973. And we're organized to continue this work -- and preserve that history -- long into the future.
Related legal topic(s): Diversity

FIRA is a pan-Canadian alliance of individuals, organizations and institutions dedicated to the development and sharing of knowledge focusing on father involvement, and the building of a community-university research alliance supporting this work. Website features research clusters that provide information on and for immigrant fathers, separated and divorced fathers, gay/bi/queer fathers, indigenous fathers, fathers of children with special needs and young fathers.

Related legal topic(s): Child support, Custody and access, Divorce and separation, Research reports and institutes

JusticeTrans mission is to increase access to justice for Two Spirit, Trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming (2STNBGN) communities. JusticeTrans aims to provide accessible legal education to 2STNBGN people by challenging transphobic policy and advocating for community-based transformative social justice. JusticeTrans vision is to create a world free of transphobia, systemic violence, and injustice, where Two Spirit, trans, nonbinary and gender nonconforming people can thrive. 

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