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Selection Criteria

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Selected sites are primarily public-oriented, including sites produced by:
  • Canadian non-profit and professional law-related organizations;
  • Educational institutions and libraries;
  • Government of Alberta;
  • Alberta municipalities;
  • Canadian federal departments;
  • Alberta law offices; and
  • Corporate sites that offer valid legal information for Albertans. 

The answers to the following questions help determine whether a site is suitable for inclusion on LawCentral Alberta:


  • Does the site provide information that enhances public understanding of legal rights and responsibilities, the legal system and/or options for legal assistance?
  • Is the site from Alberta? If not, is the information relevant to Albertans?
  • Is the content inclusive and non-discriminatory?
  • Is the content written in plain language?
  • Is the content available in a variety of formats?
  • Does the site have information other than a collection of links?
  • Are links ranked or annotated?
  • Is the site unique?
  • Does the site make use of social media?
  • Is the site intended to solicit business?
  • If it is a commercial site, what is the impact of advertising on the site?


  • Is the site regularly updated?
  • Are the links maintained?
  • Is the site content historical or current or both?


  • Is the site easy to navigate?
  • Does graphic content interfere with navigation of the site?


  • Is contact information available on the site?
  • Is it possible to determine the reputation of the content creator?
  • Is there a stated purpose?
  • Is any sort of bias evident?
  • Is the site inflammatory?


  • Is the site stable?
  • Does the site load quickly?
  • Is the content free or low cost?

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