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Alberta Resources

This online legal dictionary has been prepared by Legal Aid Alberta. Definitions are arranged alphabetically and any terms that you may need in your dealings with Legal Aid Alberta are given a second definition specific to how they relate to LAA.

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The objective of the Dictionary, which was produced as part of the process of standardizing French common law vocabulary, is essentially to expand the use of uniform terminological solutions. More specifically, the Dictionary is intended to provide methods of expressing concepts that are unique to the common law, using French terms that are consistent not only with the conceptual framework of that system of law, but also with the demands of the French language, and to establish a legal language that is precise and suited to the needs of French-speaking common law professionals.

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Legal Glossary of Federal Statutes (English-French / French-English)

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This on line dictionary of legal terms is provided as a public service by the Victoria, British Columbia law firm Duhaime & Company.

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This revised and augmented version of the Family Law Glossary (Common Law) is published as part of a project undertaken in 1981 by the National Program for the Integration of Both Official Languages in the Administration of Justice (POLAJ) to standardize the French terminology of common-law vocabulary.

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This site provides a glosary of terms used in parliamentary procudure.

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This legal glossary, provided by Justice Ontario, is a basic guide to common legal terms. Different terms may have different meanings based on the specific area of law or the context in which they are being used. You can browse the list alphabetically or search for a specific term.

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A glossary of terms created by the Supreme Court of Canada as part of their Resources for Self-Represented Litigants website resource.

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The Human Rights Glossary includes terminology related to human rights in the Canadian context. The glossary contains terms used by the Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC) and the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal (CHRT). Created in 1977 by Parliament, this tribunal is the only entity that may legally decide whether a person or organization has engaged in a discriminatory practice under the Canadian Human Rights Act. An administrative tribunal specializing in the field of human rights, the CHRT is similar to a court of law, but is less formal. In 1996, the Tribunal’s responsibilities were expanded to include the adjudication of complaints under the Employment Equity Act. According to the Act, the CHRT also operates as the Employment Equity Review Tribunal.

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A collaborative dictionary comprised, intially, of terms defined in glossaries of Canadian law books published by Irwin Law. The dictionary will be maintained by an Irwin Law editor. Members of the public are invited to submit new defined terms, edit existing terms and supply citations, sources and related terms.

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