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Protective orders

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Definition: An order issued by a court to protect one person from another person. It states what that other person must, or must not, do (examples: must not call; must stay at least 2 km away). Includes restraining orders, peace bonds, emergency protection orders.
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This online tutorial was created by the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta. There are several different kinds of protective orders. Some are available under federal law (the Criminal Code of Canada); some are available under provincial laws. If you have been abused and want the abuser to stay away from you, you can apply for protective court orders. These court orders tell the abuser to stay away. If the abuser then does not stay away, he or she can be punished.

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These FAQs are provided by the Canadian Legal FAQs, a website of the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta. This resource provides information about the types of protective orders available to people dealing with family violence in Alberta.

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Alberta Resources

The Court Forms and Orders Services (formerly known as Family Law Information Centres FLIC)  of the Court of Queen's Bench of Alberta is a service provided by Alberta Justice and Justice Canada to help you learn about the Child Support Guidelines, and to help those that are making court applications without the assistance of a lawyer. This service can provide you with information about: The Federal Child Support Guidelines, including the tables for each province; How to calculate child support; How to apply for or change a Queen's Bench Order in Alberta in various family law matters, such as child support, spousal support and child custody or access, restraining and protection orders; and how to oppose a family law application in the Court of Queen's Bench of Alberta. The service will also make referrals to other community legal resources.

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This service offers information about applications for child support, spousal support, child custody and access, and restraining and protection orders. The web page provides locations for walk-in service or you can phone: Edmonton 780-415-0404; Calgary 403-297-6981; Grande Prairie 780-833-4234; Lethbridge 403-388-3102; Red Deer 403-755-1468. For Toll Free access in Alberta dial 310-0000.

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VAW Legal Information Resource was developed from a two year training project designed to increase access to justice for First Nation, Métis and Inuit women facing violence by providing VAW service provider staff with a better understanding of key concepts in relevant areas of law. The project, Building Service Capacity: Supporting Access to Justice for Aboriginal Women Dealing with Violence was funded by the Law Foundation of Ontario. It provided legal support training for women’s shelter and outreach service staff in 10 communities, where agencies were serving a high number of First Nation, Métis or Inuit women dealing with violence.

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