Whether you give your time and energy to support a worthy cause, or you work for an organization that uses volunteers, you may not be aware of the related legal issues. Some types of volunteer positions may involve legal responsibilities. Organizations have a duty of care to their volunteers, and also some accountability for the actions of their volunteers.

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Suggested Resources

Alberta Resources

This site provides links to community grants, programs and services designed to assist non-profit organizations, communities, and volunteerism, as well as links to tools and resources to help.

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This bulletin from Work Safe Alberta explains when students or volunteers are covered by the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Act and regulations. (PDF - 4 pages)

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The Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations (CCVO) was formed in 2003 in response to a growing demand from voluntary sector organizations across Calgary for a stronger voice on the issues that impact the sector as a whole. In Calgary, this sector includes about 2,500 registered charities and more than 4,000 non-profit and voluntary organizations.
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The ECVO is a charitable organization dedicated to providing leadership and mobilizing the collective resources of the voluntary sector, to enhance programs, services, operations and governance of not-for-profit organizations in the Edmonton region. ECVO’s primary goal is to be a collective voice for the not-for-profit sector, to build the sector’s capacity and to raise awareness of those cross-sectoral issues that have the greatest impact on the organizations we represent.
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This online resource was created by the Alberta Voluntary Sector Insurance Council and the Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations to assist nonprofits with understanding and managing their insurance issues. It explains the basics of insurance, understanding a policy and managing your policy. It includes a section about Volunteers and Insurance, and provides information for volunteer board members.


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The Foundation works to strengthen the charitable sector through policy research, public awareness research and analysis, consultations on the regulation of charities, seminars and workshops on key issues and concerns affecting charities as well as special projects. Particular areas of concern are management development and leadership and building capacity within organizations devoted to early childhood development. They provide a variety of publications related to this work.

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Volunteer Calgary provides a critical link between people who want to be the difference in their communities and the many charitable organizations that require volunteers, so that they may continue to help those in need. Volunteer Calgary's mission is "building community through leadership in volunteerism."
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Volunteer Edmonton serves the Edmonton community as an online volunteer centre that provides information on volunteering. We explain what volunteering is, how to start and where to find the right opportunity for you.

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Volunteers and the Law in Alberta provides information for both volunteers and the organizations who recruit them, as to what the law is regarding volunteering. The site is divided into two sections; Volunteers and Organization/Board Member, so as to make finding the information you need as fast and easy as possible.


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The Workers' Compensation Board – Alberta is an independent organization that manages workers' compensation insurance based on legislation. WCB-Alberta is not a provincial government department or crown corporation. The organization is employer funded to provide cost-effective disability and liability insurance. Workers' compensation provides assistance to injured workers for lost income, health care and other costs related to a work-related injury.

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