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Charter of Rights

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Definition: Short form for the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the bill of rights that is part of the Constitution Act 1982.
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This online source of the consolidated Acts and regulations of Canada is provided by the Department of Justice Canada. The consolidations are generally updated on a weekly basis.

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The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms ensures that your rights are protected during an arrest. Police officers cannot arrest you at will; they must obey certain rules. They may need to get a warrant from the court to arrest you or enter your home. The police must carefully consider the particular circumstances surrounding every single arrest. In this Infosheet, Éducaloi explains your rights during an arrest and your right to a lawyer.

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Talk Rights is a new online space for the Canadian public to learn about their rights and freedoms. Explore their collection of resources, and contribute your own ideas, stories and priorities to the conversation. Teachers check out their resources for elementary and secondary students.

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The David Asper Centre for Constitutional Rights is a centre within the University of Toronto, Faculty of Law devoted to advocacy, research and education in the areas of constitutional rights in Canada. The Centre aims to play a vital role in articulating Canada's constitutional vision to the broader world. The cornerstone of the Centre is a legal clinic that brings together students, faculty and members of the bar to work on significant constitutional cases and advocacy initiatives

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This online resource is published by the Human Rights Program of the Department of Canadian Heritage. Its aims are to increase understanding of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and to heighten awareness of its importance in our daily lives.

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