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Help with Debt

Concerned members of Alberta’s legal community working as the Alberta Debtor Support Project created this online resource to help Albertans dealing with debt find the help they need.

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Representing Yourself in Court

LawNow's collection of articles on Representing Yourself in Court.  

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Condominium Law - Free Legal Resources

Visit CPLEA's collection of plain language legal resources for condominium law.  Great information ranging from how to run board meetings, buying a resale condominium, or hiring a manager.

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Free legal information for Alberta consumers buying a condo, living in one, or considering selling or renting their condominium.

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Child Support Articles on

Read about the Myths about Chld Support, learn about taxes and child support, and stay up to date with changes to the laws surrounding child support in Alberta.

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Adoption Records in Alberta

Get your questions about Adoption Records answered at's list of frequently asked questions about adoption records.

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Environmental Law Column

Check out's Environment Law Column to learn about changes in Albera's laws affecting the environment.

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Unions and the Law's collection of informative legal articles on Unions and the law.  Learn about the right to strike and essential services.

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms and Migrant Farm Workers

Over 50,000 migrant farm wokers come to Canada every year.  This article asks and answers the question, "Are migrant farm workers in Canada working in conditions that violate the Charter?

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