Statutes and Regulations

Statutes are laws made by Parliament or the Legislature and are also known as Acts. They may create a new law or modify an existing one. Regulations are the rules that address the details and practical applications of the law. The authority to make regulations related to an Act is assigned within that Act. Just like statutes, regulations have the full force of law.

These resources provide access to the Statutes and Regulations of Alberta.

If you wish to find other provincial and territorial statutes, see CANLII (Canadian Legal Information Insitute)


CPLEA Suggested Resources

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Alberta Resources

Alberta King’s Printer is the official publisher of Alberta’s laws and publications.  The website provides accurate, up to date access to current legislation in a variety of formats to meet your needs.

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This online database is provided by CanLII. You can search through decisions of the courts and boards/tribunals as well as statutes and regulations. There are also direct links to the most viewed documents as well as the opportunity for you to search decisions by court.

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This Guide describes the steps to be followed to transform policy into Federal Acts and regulations, which are forms of written law generally referred to as "legislation." It also outlines the roles of the participants in this process. The Guide also serves as a reference for those already involved in law-making and as a training tool for those who are becoming involved for the first time.

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