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Definition: People who give evidence at any step in a legal proceeding.
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Alberta Resources

This online tutorial created by the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta provides information about giving evidence in a criminal trial (includes some particular references to giving evidence about abuse).

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This page provides information for witnesses that describes when they are required to go to court and when they are told that their attendance is required in a precise, formal way. The method of notice required depends on whether the trial is a criminal trial, or a family or civil law trial. Information is also provided on the additional steps you can take to make sure you are a prepared witness and links to more information such as:

Related keywords: Legal process, Witnesses


The Child Witness Court Preparation Program is operated by The Canadian Society for the Investigation of Child Abuse (CSICA), which is an organization committed to supporting those victims, witnesses and their families involved in the investigation of child abuse. There is information on this site for kids, parents and facilitators.

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Web page provides links to provincial/ territorial information (where available) about leaves for jury and witness duty. This page is part of the HR Toolkit from the HR Council for the Nonprofit Sector.

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