Administrative Decisions (Federal)

Boards and tribunals deal with administrative matters such as unemployment insurance, employment standards, competition regulations, property assessments, or telecommunications. The procedures here are generally simpler and faster than in the courts. However, decisions of boards and tribunals are subject to review by the courts.

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This webpage from the Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII) contains a listing of links to federal boards and tribunals in Canada (scroll halfway down the page). For a list of provincial and territorial boards and tribunals, click on the province/territory in the list on the left hand menu bar and then scroll down to the Boards and Tribunals list.

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Appeals Officers in occupational health and safety, designated by the Minister of Labour and grouped under an administrative structure known as the Occupational Health and Safety Tribunal Canada (Tribunal), exercise the functions of an administrative tribunal.The mission of the Appeals Officers is to ensure expert, independent, unbiased quality service to all parties by treating them equally, fairly and with understanding, respect and dignity. The mandate of the Appeals Officers is to receive, hear and decide on appeals of decisions of absence of danger and directions regarding occupational health and safety issued pursuant to the Canada Labour Code.

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The Canada Gazette is the official newspaper of the Government of Canada and has been published regularly by the Queen’s Printer since 1841. Published within the Canada Gazette are new statutes and regulations, proposed regulations, decisions of administrative boards and an assortment of government notices.

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