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Credit and debt

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Definition: Credit is an arrangement to pay for goods and services at a later time. Common types of credit are bank loans, lines of credit, credit cards, finance agreements, and payday loans. Debt is money or goods or services owed by one person to another. This topic includes resources about obtaining and managing credit, collection agencies, arrangements to repay debts, and consequences of failing to repay debts.
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Alberta Resources

A deferred payment plan happens when arrangements are made for a debt to go unpaid until sometime in the future. This publication provieds an overview of the ins and outs of a deferred payment plan and what it means to the consumer.
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This web resource produced by Calgary Legal Guidance discusses things to consider when you are buying goods.

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Consolidated Credit Counseling Services of Canada is a registered charity. They provide credit counselling and debt management services for Canadians. Their mission is to assist individuals and families in ending financial crises and to help them solve money management problems through education, motivation, and professional counselling.

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When you apply for a credit card, you are entering into a contract. Like any contract, it is legally binding and gives each party certain rights and responsibilities.

On this page you will find information on:

  • Your right to information
  • Cancelling your credit card
  • Unsolicited credit card cheques
  • Joint or shared cards
  • What you should do if you feel your rights are not being respected
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This web page has information about your legal responsibilities when you have a joint or shared credit card. It describes how authorized users (or secondary users) can affect you and your liabilities.

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