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Health issues

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Definition: Resources about legal topics related to health concerns including specific diseases, mental health, and abortion, but not including HIV/AIDS, disabilities, or drug and alcohol abuse.

Alberta Resources

The Government of Alberta has many programs to help lower income Albertans. This guide can help find out what's available. Programs are listed in seven groups:Work and Work Skills, Financial, Housing, Legal Assistance, Health Expenses, Families with Children, and People with Disabilities. For each program, you will find an outline of what it does and where to go for information.This guide is up-to-date as of March 2005.

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This standard outlines infection prevention techniques that are critical in reducing the risk of disease transmission during the tattooing procedure.

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This information on medical assistance in dying in Alberta has been prepared by Alberta Health Services to ensure patients can access compassionate high quality care, while ensuring staff and physicians can provide services within the law. Information is available on the site for patients and families as well as health professionals.

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This guide from the Canadian Mental Heatlh Association (Calgary Region) was written to help Albertans understand their rights within the Act. It is intended as self-advocacy information only. (PDF - 18 pages)
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A new online tool gives adults access to their personal health records, including immunizations, medications and lab test results.

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A new online tool gives adults access to their personal health records, including immunizations, medications and lab test results.

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On this site you will find information about Alberta’s Health Advocate and Mental Health Patient Advocate. The Advocates provide education about the Alberta Health Charter and patients' rights set out in the Mental Health Act, and connect people with health and mental health services, programs and resources.  The Advocates listen to any concerns or complaints about health care experiences which may result in an investigation or a referral to the appropriate complaint resolution process.

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The Virtual Parent Link Centre is a website developed by the Alberta Government that provides information and support for parents and caregivers on how to assist with the learning, development and health of children. From the homepage, users will find a list of help line phone numbers, as well as links to government resources on bullying and family violence, and more.

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This collection of links to provincial and federal resources is provided by the Government of Alberta and is organized into the following categories: for Retirement; Pensions and Retirement; Health-Related Benefits and Assistance; Housing Supports and Initiatives; Government Programs and Services for Seniors; Staying Healthy and Active after 65; Motor Vehicle Safety; Transferring Personal Authority and Writing a Will; and Organizations and Activities.

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The Support Network is located in Edmonton, Alberta, and provides community information services, crisis intervention, and suicide prevention. Its help lines are free, anonymous, confidential, and available every hour, every day. Help is also available in person and online. 24-Hour Distress Line: 780-482-HELP(4357)

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