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Drugs and alcohol

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Resources about legal topics related to substance use and abuse

Alberta Resources

The Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC) is responsible for regulating private retail cannabis, the distribution of cannabis and operation of Alberta's only legal online cannabis store. On this page you can learn about:, Alberta's only legal, non-medical online cannabis store; cannabis legislation and policies, working in the industry, using cannabis responsibly, and answers to commonly asked questions.

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These online videos are provided by the Alberta Community Crime Prevention Association and cover a range of topics such as gangs, drugs and a number of different types of fraud.

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DrugSafe is a trusted source for Albertans to find vital information on reducing the harm of drugs and alcohol. This information on cannabis, alcohol and opiods is provided by Alberta Health Services.

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This Alberta government webpage provides information on recent changes to Alberta’s alcohol- and drug-impaired driving offences and sanctions to align with new federal drug laws are now in effect. Information covered includes:

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Related keywords: Crimes and offences, Criminal law general resources, Driving, Drugs and alcohol, Transportation is a website of the Children's Legal and Educational Resource Centre (CLERC). CLERC offers legal advice, information, referrals and services to children and youth.The Legal Topics section of their website offers answers to some common questions asked by youth regarding their legal rights.  Lawyers at CLERC provide representation to young people 19 years of age and under who have nowhere else to turn for legal support.

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Calgary Counselling Centre is a charitable organization committed to providing compassionate, professional, and affordable counselling services to Calgarians. They offer counselling and group programs for individuals, couples, parents, families, and youth to help them resolve emotional and social problems. In addition to its may group and individual program services the Centre also offers a Male Domestic Abuse Outreach Program which provides counselling, advocacy, social service referrals (housing, financial aid, legal guidance, support) to men and their families experiencing domestic abuse of all forms.

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The Calgary Drug Treatment Court has been in operation since 2007, providing the only community alternative to incarceration for non-violent drug-addicted offenders whose crimes are driven by drug addiction. CDTC is an evidence-based program that integrates court intervention and treatment services to end drug-driven crime and assist participants to return to family, work and community.

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Although legalization is a federal decision, provinces and municipalities are responsible for setting rules with respect to cannabis consumption. This page summarizes the rules set by both the Province of Alberta and by the city of Calgary for cannabis smoking  within the City of Calgary. The Calgary Bylaw regulates where smoking is permitted in public places: this includes tobacco, vaping and cannabis. Whether you are smoking cannabis for recreational or for medical purposes, everyone is expected to respect the same rules for where you can smoke.

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Information for condominium owners, landlords and tenants about cannabis restrictions in condos, apartments and rental homes.

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Cannabis became legal across Canada on Oct. 17, 2018. Find out what it means for Albertans. Learn the rules and regulations that come into effect when recreational cannabis becomes legal.

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