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This section features resources about driving in Alberta. As well, this section includes information about travelling with children, air travel and transportation for people with disabilities and information about international travel. As far as legal topics related to leisure, check out the resource about sports and the law.

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This information on impaired driving laws in Canada is prepared by Canada Dept. of Justice. It covers:

  • Drug-impaired driving and
  • Alcohol-impaired driving

It is important to note that provinces and territories have additional laws or regulations that may apply. Make sure to check the laws in your area. Please visit Canada’s impaired driving webpage for statistics, research, and more information on the dangers of driving while impaired.

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Information for parents or guardians on the legal requirements when travelling abroad with a minor.

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The Sport law and Strategy Group is a consulting company offering consulting services and educational programs related to organizational governance, values management, risk assessment, mediation and arbitration, policy development, business and employment issues and change management. Their website includes articles on legal topics of interest to athletes, coaches and recreation workers such as bullying/harassment, conflict of interest, defamation, employment, equity/discrimination, liability, procedural fairness and so forth.

Veuillez noter que Dina Bell-Laroche et Rachel Corbett sont bilingues et sont capables de fournir leurs services également en français.

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The Transportation Association of Canada is a national association with a mission to promote the provision of safe, efficient, effective and environmentally and financially sustainable transportation services in support of Canada's social and economic goals.

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