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Definition: Resources about legal topics related to travel.
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These online FAQs about international travel are provided by the Canadian Legal FAQs - a program of the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta. These FAQs contain information you will need before, during and after your time abroad, as well as links to sources of further information.

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Parents of children from infants to teens know that travelling can involve a huge amount of paraphernalia.  Everything from teddy bears and diaper bags to ipads and smart phones must be lugged along.  But most parents who travel with children may not be aware of the legal requirements they must meet if they travel without the child’s other parent or guardian.  So, did you know.....This information is provided by the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta.

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Publication of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada; provides essential information for the Canadian traveler

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The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), is part of the Department of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness. The CBSA comprises the Customs program, formerly with the CCRA, the intelligence, interdiction and enforcement functions, formerly with CIC, and the passenger and initial import inspection services at ports of entry, formerly with CFIA.

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Useful information about pre-board screening procedures, packing tips for your carry-on and checked baggage, what you should and should not place in your carry-on and checked baggage, and what you can do to help make your experience at the PBS checkpoint more efficient.

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Flight Rights Canada will benefit Canadians by increasing awareness of their rights when travelling by air, and by ensuring transparency and accountability of air carriers. The foundation for Flight Rights Canada already exists in Canadian legislation. They inform Canadians of their rights through prominent signage at key airports. They also remind air travellers that they are entitled to ask for and receive a carrier's terms and conditions of carriage, and explain the complaints mechanism in place that ensures carriers are held to account for their commitments

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The Canadian Transportation Agency has put together this booklet about flying to, from and within Canada. Topics covered include: Travel Documents; Air Fares; Insurance; Reservations, Ticketing and Check-In; Baggage; Customs; Airport Security; Personal Safety; Unruly Passengers; Delays and Cancellations; Over-Booking and Denied Boarding; Charter Flights; Travellers with Disabilities; Unaccompanied Minors; and Complaints.

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DFAIT's overall objective is to defend and promote Canada’s interests throughout the world. Spanning politics, commerce, societal concerns and consular functions, DFAIT deals with issues ranging from trade negotiation to the environment to disarmament to peace brokering, and much more. In short, DFAIT deals with any global issue that can affect Canada and which the federal government has deemed a priority.

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This booklet provides information to explain the assistance provided by the Government of Canada through the Consular Services of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada in Ottawa, and through Canadian diplomatic and consular offices abroad. Canadian consular officials have extensive experience, understand how difficult the situation can be and are there to provide advice and assistance. Available to read online or download as a PDF.

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A customs guide for Canadian residents returning to Canada.This pamphlet is an overview of the laws, restrictions, entitlements, rights, and obligations of Canadian residents returning from travel outside Canada

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