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Definition: Resources about legal topics related to the transport of goods and people by land, air, or water.
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Alberta Resources

This Alberta government webpage provides information on recent changes to Alberta’s alcohol- and drug-impaired driving offences and sanctions to align with new federal drug laws are now in effect. Information covered includes:

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The Alberta Motor Transport Association is a province-wide, not-for-profit Association formed to provide a voice for the highway transportation industry in Alberta. The role of the AMTA is to help its members succeed by providing training programs and promoting safety initiatives that reduce workplace injuries. They represent the highway transportation industry at the provincial and national levels in dealing with issues such as regulations, trans-border crossings, taxation, safety, the environment, and the future of trucking.

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Dept. of the Alberta government that regulates drivers and vehicles, roads and highways and commerical transportation in Alberta.

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Sharing services for bicycles, e-bicycles and e-scooters are now available in Edmonton. This City of Edmonton webpage provides information on where use is allowed and what the parking requirements are.

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This handbook is a good source in understanding the rules and regulations applying to small vehicles in Alberta such as motorcycles, mopeds, and power bicycles.

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The Canadian Transportation Agency is responsible for ensuring that undue obstacles to the mobility of persons with disabilities are removed from federally-regulated transportation services and facilities.
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CCMTA is a non-profit organization comprising representatives of the provincial, territorial and federal governments of Canada which, through the collective consultative process, makes decisions on administration and operational matters dealing with licencing, registration and control of motor vehicle transportation and highway safety. It also comprises associate members whose expertise and opinions are sought in the development of strategies and programs. Related keywords: Driving (26), Public safety (46)

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Canadian Transport Agency provides this list of legislation and regulations for your use.
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The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) is a non-profit organization of federal, state, and provincial government agencies and representatives from private industry in the United States, Canada and Mexico dedicated to improving commercial vehicle safety. The Alliance serves as the major focal point for bringing together state/provincial officials with truck/bus industry interest and federal governments in a unique discussion and problem solving interchange.  

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The Transportation Association of Canada is a national association with a mission to promote the provision of safe, efficient, effective and environmentally and financially sustainable transportation services in support of Canada's social and economic goals.

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