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Relationship violence

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Definition: In a dating relationship, when one person tries to dominate the other emotionally, physically or sexually.


These interactive products are from METRAC Action on Violence. RePlay: Finding Zoe addresses healthy relationships; What It Is quiz game focuses on sexual violence; and Not Your Baby helps with responses to sexual harassment. They may be played online or downloaded to cell phones.

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The Native Women’s Association of Canada (NWAC) is a National Indigenous Organization representing the political voice of Indigenous women, girls and gender diverse people in Canada, inclusive of First Nations on and off reserve, status and non-status, disenfranchised, Métis and Inuit. NWAC works on a variety of issues such as employment, labour and business, health, violence prevention and safety, justice and human rights, environment, early learning childcare and international affairs.

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Project Respect is a prevention program for youth ages 14 to 19 , based in Victoria BC, that aims to stop sexual violence, particularly acquaintance assault. “Date Rape” as it is commonly referred to, is a serious risk for youth. Project Respect challenges the attitudes and behaviours that lead to sexual violence: stereotypes, labels, miscommunication, drugs and alcohol, media pressure and power imbalance.

Related keywords: Relationship violence, Sexual assault

This manual published by RESOLVE Alberta provides an inventory and evaluation of violence prevention programs designed for schools. Sections include:  bullying and conflict resolution; sexual harassment; child sexual abuse; child abuse; sexual exploitation; dating violence; and sexual assault. It also looks at special programs for children with disabilities and aboriginal children. Although it is somewhat dated, the text provides valuable background on violence and violence prevention programming. (PDF – 313 pages, 2005)

Related keywords: Bullying, Child abuse, Relationship violence, Research reports and institutes, School safety, Sexual assault

The Canadian Network of Women's Shelters and Transition Houses new online resource which provides women and their children with a one stop connection to help in their community.

Related keywords: Elder abuse, Family violence general resources, Relationship violence, Spousal abuse

The mission of Springtide Resources is to promote healthy and equal relationships by engaging diverse communities in shared educational strategies designed to prevent violence against women and the effect it has on children. Training is provided online and in person. Resources are available for a variety of specific populations including women with disabilities, deaf women, immigrants and the LGBTQ community.

Related keywords: Family violence general resources, Relationship violence, Spousal abuse

This online publication from Department of Justice Canada describes the nature of stalking and ways of dealing with it. It can also be downloaded as a PDF and is available in four different languages (French, Mandarin, Punjabi and Spanish) by using the “Back to Publications” link and scrolling down the page (PDF - 20 pgs. 2003)

Related keywords: Crimes and offences, Harassment, Relationship violence

The Fourth R is a consortium of researchers and professionals dedicated to promoting healthy adolescent relationships and reducing risk behaviours. We develop and evaluate programs, resources, and training materials for educators and other front-line professionals who work with youth Fourth R initiatives use best practice approaches to target multiple forms of violence, including bullying, dating violence, peer violence, and group violence.

Related keywords: Relationship violence, School law, School safety

VAW Legal Information Resource was developed from a two year training project designed to increase access to justice for First Nation, Métis and Inuit women facing violence by providing VAW service provider staff with a better understanding of key concepts in relevant areas of law. The project, Building Service Capacity: Supporting Access to Justice for Aboriginal Women Dealing with Violence was funded by the Law Foundation of Ontario. It provided legal support training for women’s shelter and outreach service staff in 10 communities, where agencies were serving a high number of First Nation, Métis or Inuit women dealing with violence.

Related keywords: Child abuse, Family violence general resources, Protective orders, Relationship violence, Spousal abuse


The Avon Global Center for Women and Justice at Cornell Law School works with judges, legal professionals, governmental and non-governmental organizations to improve access to justice in an effort to eliminate violence against women and girls.

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