In a Relationship

Dating or relationship violence occurs when one member of a couple believes they have the right to control the other. This attitude can result in aggression, offensive language, disrespectful treatment, or pressuring the other person to do things. If this is happening to you, you may find support and information in the following resources.

The resources on this page were hank-picked by the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta's staff as a good place to start.

CPLEA Suggested Resources

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Alberta Resources

This site provides information, links and resources developed for The Walking the Path Together (WTPT) Project. The project was a partnership of the Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters (ACWS), the Centre for Children & Families in the Justice System, five Alberta on-reserve First Nations shelters.

Related legal topic(s): Family violence general resources, Victim support and victim rights


CCAA is supports professionals, communities, victims and witnesses involved in the investigation of child abuse through the development and delivery of educational products and services; promotion of a coordinated, interdisciplinary approach to child abuse investigations; identification and response to key issues and concerns of child abuse investigators; advocacy for excellence and professionalism in the investigation of child abuse; promotion of the well-being of children and families going through the investigative process; provision of professional training and research. The CCAA produces many resources and tools to assist with court preparation, such as their Court Preparation Curriculum Package which provides court preparation facilitators with the knowledge and materials to successfully prepare children, teens, and parents for their day in court.

Related legal topic(s): Child abuse, Witnesses

Relationship violence can strike anyone, but teenagers are particularly vulnerable to misconceptions about what physical and emotional violence are, and what they mean. If it hurts, dominates or controls, it's not romance! This page from the Red Cross provides links to publications about relationship violence, what is is, what parents can do, and information about what is healthy and unhealthy in relationships.

Related legal topic(s): Bullying, Family violence general resources, Relationship violence

Information from the National Clearinghouse on Family Violence (Public Health Agency of Canada).

Related legal topic(s): Relationship violence

This website has information about elder abuse, with brochures and videos on these topics: What You Can Do When Abuse or Neglect Is Happening to an Older Adult in Your Life, How You Can Identify Abuse and Help Older Adults at Risk, and  What You Can Do to Keep Yourself Safe from Abuse

Related legal topic(s): Elder abuse, Family violence general resources

Project Respect is a prevention program for youth ages 14 to 19 , based in Victoria BC, that aims to stop sexual violence, particularly acquaintance assault. “Date Rape” as it is commonly referred to, is a serious risk for youth. Project Respect challenges the attitudes and behaviours that lead to sexual violence: stereotypes, labels, miscommunication, drugs and alcohol, media pressure and power imbalance.

Related legal topic(s): Relationship violence, Sexual assault

The Canadian Network of Women's Shelters and Transition Houses new online resource which provides women and their children with a one stop connection to help in their community.

Related legal topic(s): Elder abuse, Family violence general resources, Relationship violence, Spousal abuse

This online publication from Department of Justice Canada describes the nature of stalking and ways of dealing with it. It can also be downloaded as a PDF and is available in four different languages (French, Mandarin, Punjabi and Spanish) by using the “Back to Publications” link and scrolling down the page (PDF - 20 pgs. 2003)

Related legal topic(s): Crimes and offences, Harassment, Relationship violence

Developed by the Native Women's Association of Canada the toolkit provides Aboriginal women with community safety planning resources to address domestic violence. The toolkit also includes a Who’s Who: Domestic Violence Resource Guide of services available to Aboriginal women in every province and territory.

Related legal topic(s): Family violence general resources