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Spousal support

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Financial support for a former spouse (partner in a marriage or common-law relationship.

Alberta Resources

This information on how to apply for spousal and partner support in Alberta. You can apply for spousal or partner support as long as you have care and control over a child, even if you’re not their parent. Page provides information on getting started, documents needed, what forms to use, how to file a claim,  As well as information on how to file an interjurisdicational Support Order Applications if the other party lives outside Alberta.

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The Family Law Project provides basic legal information on the following topics:

  • Divorce
  • Separation
  • Parenting TIme
  • Child and Spousal Support (also referred to as "maintenance")
  • Family property
  • Adult interdependent partnerships (often referred to as "common-law relationships")
  • Where to go if you need more in-depth information or help

In addition, the Family Law Project assists people in obtaining uncomplicated child support orders and variations, as well as related applications. A volunteer from the Family Law Project may be able to assist you in court if you meet our eligibility criteria. Please call to determine whether we can help you with your issue. The Family Law Project also provides a monthly Do-Your-Own-Divorce Clinic. Please call to obtain more information and to determine whether we can help you with your divorce.

NOTE: Changes to Family Law in Alberta ... The laws about property division for unmarried couples changed on January 1, 2020. The new rules are similar to those that apply to married couples.

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When a married couple separates or divorces, the spouse with the higher income sometimes pays money to the spouse with the lower income to balance the financial impact of the divorce so that the outcome is fair. This money is called "spousal support". This resource provides basic explanations about spousal support agreements.
Related keywords: Spousal support


Spousal support is also known as: alimony