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Spousal support

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Financial support for a former spouse (partner in a marriage or common-law relationship.

This Alberta government webpage provides information on how to apply to change an agreement or court order for spousal and partner support. You can apply for: an increase, if you’re the recipient of support or a decrease, if you’re the payor of support. Links to the forms required to apply and information on how to complete the forms.

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These online FAQs are provided by Canadian Legal FAQs, a website of the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta. These FAQs deal with divorce and provide information regarding: Divorce Act; Grounds for Divorce; Children and Divorce; Custody; Access; Child Support; and Mobility Rights.

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LawNow is a bi-monthly digital public legal education magazine which has been  published by the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta for almost 40 years.  Its articles  and columns are written in plain language and take a practical look at how the law relates to the every day lives of Canadians.In each issue, LawNow’s family law column takes a look at a specific topic in this area of law and explains it clearly and concisely.

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Alberta Resources

This group of programs and services is offered by Alberta Justice in collaboration with the courts of Alberta. This webpage provides general information for those who are representing themselves in a family matter in either Court of Queen's Bench or The Provincial Court of Alberta.

This service is for people who don’t have a lawyer. Use it to:

  • prepare for court
  • navigate your family law matter through the Provincial Court
  • discuss your issues, explore your options and get you referrals
  • get a court order prepared and filed with the Court of Queen’s Bench and then have copies sent to the other party – after a parenting-related hearing
  • review your divorce before its submitted to the Court of Queen’s Bench
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This Alberta government site provides informtation on how to apply for spousal or partner support if you or the other party lives outside Alberta. An Interjurisdictional Support Order (ISO) application can create, change or enforce a support order when the payor or recipient lives outside Alberta. Did you know you can prepare an ISO application if you: were divorced outside Canada, were never married, were married but a divorce action hasn’t been started, aren’t making a first-time application for support,  and haven’t started a divorce action in Alberta.

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This online resource is from the Student Legal Services, University of Alberta, Edmonton. It includes information for couples who have been married or are adult interdependent partners. Married persons who are seeking child and/or spousal support as part of a divorce application apply under the Canada Divorce Act.  Non-married parents, married persons who are separated but not getting a divorce, and adult interdependent partners (often called “common law partners”, should seek child and/or spousal support under the Alberta Family Law Act. This resource is also available for download as a PDF.

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This Student Legal Services (University of Alberta) booklet provides general information on child and spousal support.

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The booklets are a series of plain language family court booklets (divorce forms and instructions) to enable parties to better understand and access the court for applications dealing with custody, access, child support or spousal support under the Divorce Act.

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The kits are a series of plain language resources which include forms and instructions to make applications and appeals for parenting, guardianship,  custody and access, contact, enforcement of time with a child, child support, spousal support and other applications under the Family Law Act in Alberta. These booklets and kits are helpful to self represented litigants as they provide not only general information, but also step by step instructions and precedents.

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The Alberta Maintenance Enforcement Program (MEP) is authorized by the Alberta Maintenance Enforcement Act to ensure that individuals meet their obligations to pay spousal and child support under the terms of their court orders and certain agreements. In cases of default (non-payment) by the debtor, MEP has the legislative authority to take steps to enforce the support owed. These enforcement tools include registrations at Land Titles and the Personal Property Registry, wage, non-wage and federal support deduction notices, federal licence (passport) denials, motor vehicle restrictions and driver's licence suspensions. MEP also has access to a variety of databases to assist in locating a debtor or a debtor's assets or income.
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Spousal support is also known as: alimony