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Federal government departments

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Definition: Links to Government of Canada Departments, Agencies, Crown Corporations, Special Operating Agencies and various affiliated organizations.


Industry Canada works to improve conditions for investment, enhance Canada's innovation performance, increase Canada's share of global trade and build a fair, efficient and competitive marketplace. This includes managing Canada's airwaves and overseeing its bankruptcy, incorporation, intellectual property and measurement systems; providing financing and industry research tools to help businesses develop, import and export; encouraging scientific research; and protecting and promoting the interests of Canadian consumers.

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Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) is the federal ministry responsible for the development and use of Canada’s natural resources and the competitiveness of Canada’s natural resources products. They deal with the fields of energy, forests, and minerals and metals and use their expertise in earth sciences to build and maintain an up-to-date knowledge base of our landmass.

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Appeals Officers in occupational health and safety, designated by the Minister of Labour and grouped under an administrative structure known as the Occupational Health and Safety Tribunal Canada (Tribunal), exercise the functions of an administrative tribunal.The mission of the Appeals Officers is to ensure expert, independent, unbiased quality service to all parties by treating them equally, fairly and with understanding, respect and dignity. The mandate of the Appeals Officers is to receive, hear and decide on appeals of decisions of absence of danger and directions regarding occupational health and safety issued pursuant to the Canada Labour Code.

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The Office of the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner provides advice and guidance to individuals on how specific provisions of the Conflict of Interest Code for Members of the House of Commons and the Conflict of Interest Act apply to them. The Office is also responsible for receiving the confidential reports of assets, liabilities and activities from Members of the House of Commons and Public Office Holders, and maintaining public registries for publicly declarable information under the Act and the Code. The Commissioner may also conduct investigations and make reports on allegations that either the Code or the Act have been breached.

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For debtors (those who owe money) and creditors (those who are owed money), OSB, a special operating agency associated with Industry Canada, makes the bankruptcy and insolvency process easier to understand by providing information.

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Public Safety Canada was created in 2003 to ensure coordination across all federal departments and agencies responsible for national security and the safety of Canadians. Their mandate is to keep Canadians safe from a range of risks such as natural disasters, crime and terrorism. Public Safety Canada works with five agencies and three review bodies, united in a single portfolio and all reporting to the same minister. Areas of concern are national security, border strategies, countering crime and emergency management issues.

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The PSLRB is an independent quasi-judicial statutory tribunal that is responsible for administering the collective bargaining and grievance adjudication systems in the federal public service and in Parliament.

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The Lobbyists Registration System allows users to search for active and terminated registrations listed in the Registry of Lobbyists. Searches can be performed using a full-text search function for specific keywords, or on the basis of lobbyist/registrant name, lobbyist/registrant firm or employer, registration type and status.

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Seniors Canada is a fast and straightforward way for seniors, their families, caregivers and organizations that support them to access authoritative and trusted information provided by governments and well known non-government organizations. Information included the site: consumer protection, wills and estates, divorce, and other legal matters.

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Service Canada was created in 2005 to improve the delivery of government programs and services to Canadians, by making access to them faster, easier, and more convenient. Service Canada offers single-window access to a wide range of Government of Canada programs and services for citizens through more than 600 points of service located across the country, call centres, and the Internet.

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