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Definition: Resources about legal topics related to operating a motor vehicle.
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Alberta Resources

This Alberta government webpage provides information on recent changes to Alberta’s alcohol- and drug-impaired driving offences and sanctions to align with new federal drug laws are now in effect. Information covered includes:

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Find or become a registry agent, get an Alberta ID card and become a Registries Online subscriber. Learn more about the identification and documentation you will need if you are applying for a driver’s licence or Alberta ID card. p>

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Dept. of the Alberta government that regulates drivers and vehicles, roads and highways and commerical transportation in Alberta.

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Appeal a vehicle seizure in Alberta

Fees and appeals for vehicles seized due to impaired driving in Alberta. Alberta’s alcohol- and drug-impaired driving offences and sanctions include immediate roadside vehicle seizures. You must contact the Alberta Transportation Safety Board (ATSB) to appeal a vehicle seizure. The ATSB is an independent tribunal that hears appeals on a broad range of traffic safety issues.

See also information on the Alberta Vehicle Seizure Program -

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This information has been produced by the Edmonton Community Legal Centre. It discusses your appearance in Traffic Court.

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Summary, collision worksheet form, tips to remember and steps to follow after an automobile collision.

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This booklet provides information on the rules and regulations enacted by cities and provincial law with regard to tickets and fines.

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This guide provides key resources related to Impaired Driving Offences in Canada. It also includes materials dealing with non-criminal impaired driving offences within the legislation of the province of Alberta. Topics in this guide include:

  • Defences
  • Evidentiary issues
  • Impaired driving devices
  • Sentencing/Penalties
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Alberta has a demerit point system where demerit points are accumulated against your driver’s license for each traffic offence you are convicted off. Demerit points are assigned to a driving record in accordance with the Regulations under the Motor Vehicle Administration Act. This information is provided by Calgary Legal Guidance.

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A publication of Student Legal Services of Alberta. It covers: basic definitions, licence rules, ways a licence can be suspended, and how to appeal a suspension / disqualification or Criminal Code offence conviction.

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