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Public safety

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Definition: The prevention of, and the protection of the general population from, all kinds of significant danger, injury, damage, or harm. This prevention and protection traditionally is provided by police, fire, emergency medical services, and communications.

Alberta Resources

ABPA is an affiliation of more than 40 Block Parent® Programs in Alberta communities. ABPA is a voting member of the Block Parent® Program of Canada Incand serves as the liaison between BCPPCI and the local programs in Alberta.

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AMBER Alert is a voluntary, cooperative program between police services and local broadcasters to send an emergency alert via the Emergency Public Warning System (EPWS) to the public when a child or an individual with a proven physical or mental disability has been abducted by a stranger or person known to the child and it is believed that this person will put his/her life in grave and imminent danger. (PDF - 3 pages)

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From one convenient location you can access the websites of all five Alberta associations, and (where available) those of the Association's affiliate boards. Crime Stoppers allows you to give the police tips anonymously and confidentially. If your tip leads to an arrest there is a possibility of monetary reward.
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The Edmonton Police Service has developed this Neighbourhood Crime Mapping tool as a way to keep the public informed and help prevent crime. Select a neighbourhood by ‘clicking’ on the city map, select a date range, and then one, some or all of eight crime groups to plot on the map.

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REACH is Edmonton's Council for Safe Communities. REACH is a community-based organization working to mobilize and coordinate organizations, community groups and Edmontonians to find innovative solutions to prevention and community safety.

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Prepared by Professor Michael Jackson, QC and Graham Stewart, former Executive Director of the John Howard Society of Canada, this report is a critical review of the policy paper on the Correctional Service of Canada released publicly in December 2007. (PDF – 236 pages, 2009)

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The Canada Safety Council is a national, non-government, charitable organization dedicated to safety. Their mission is to lead in the national effort to reduce preventable deaths, injuries and economic loss in public and private places throughout Canada. Their website is a resource for safety information, education and awareness in all aspects of Canadian life - in traffic, at home, at work and at leisure.

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CCMTA is a non-profit organization comprising representatives of the provincial, territorial and federal governments of Canada which, through the collective consultative process, makes decisions on administration and operational matters dealing with licencing, registration and control of motor vehicle transportation and highway safety. It also comprises associate members whose expertise and opinions are sought in the development of strategies and programs. Related keywords: Driving (26), Public safety (46)

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The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) is a non-profit organization of federal, state, and provincial government agencies and representatives from private industry in the United States, Canada and Mexico dedicated to improving commercial vehicle safety. The Alliance serves as the major focal point for bringing together state/provincial officials with truck/bus industry interest and federal governments in a unique discussion and problem solving interchange.  

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Criminal Intelligence Service Canada (CISC) is a strategically-focused organization that facilitates the timely production and exchange of criminal information and intelligence within the Canadian law enforcement community. CISC supports the effort to reduce the harm caused by organized crime through the delivery of strategic intelligence products and services and by providing leadership and expertise to its member agencies.  

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