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Workers' rights and employment standards

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Definition: Resources about legal topics related to the interaction between employers and employees including such topics as minimum wage, holidays, maternity leave and protection from discrimination. Does not include health and safety or unionized workplaces.

Alberta Resources

New Alberta Workers is a not-for-profit program started in 2013.  its aim is to provide workplace health and safety information for Temporary Foreign Workers and other New to Alberta Workers

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In this interpretive bulletin from the Alberta Human Rights Commission you will find: Common questions about medical information as a human rights issue in the workplace (including reasonable accommodation); a Sample Medical Absence Form; a Sample Medical Ability to Work Form; Case law related to human rights and medical information in the workplace; and Legal principles from the case law. Note: It does not deal with privacy issues. 

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The Office of the Appeals Advisor (OAA) was established to advance the interests of injured workers and their dependants. Appeals advisors are all certified in Tribunal Administrative Justice, are specialists in interpreting and applying the Workers' Compensation Act and WCB policies. They will walk you through the appeals process and act as your representative throughout. The OAA acts independently of WCB when representing workers and, whenever possible, they try to work directly with WCB's customer service areas to resolve issues so that a formal appeals hearing is not necessary. There is no charge to you for this service.

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This division of Alberta Employment and Immigration will help temporary foreign workers to learn about their rights and find solutions for problem situations. Booklets and brochures are available for employers and for workers. (Guide for Employees is available in 13 languages.) A walk-in office and a helpline are offered for assistance.

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Losing a job is very traumatic: financially and emotionally. Here are some of the things you might want to know if this happens to you. This tipsheet produced by the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta (CPLEA) informs Albertans about their rights when they have been terminated from their employment.

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This 49-page background paper published by the Alberta Human Rights and Citizenship Commission introduces readers to a wide variety of dispute resolution methods that can be used to resolve human rights issues in the workplace and offers a comprehensive discussion about mediation. This article gives an overview of the paper; the complete text can be downloaded as a PDF. 

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The WRC helps Alberta workers through advocacy, our Casework Program, and Public Legal Education. If you need help with an employment issue, the WRC is here for you.

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This publication is for workers who want to know more about employment rules in the Alberta workplace. It discusses legislation covering workers, their rights before starting a job, their rights and responsibilities on the job, and leaving the job temporarily or permanently. Information is provided on employment standards, workplace health and safety, human rights and workers' compensation. Key contacts and resources for Alberta employees are also included. (PDF – 40 pages)

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CCRW's mission is to promote and support meaningful and equitable employment of persons with disabilities. CCRW provides leadership in programs and services for job seekers with disabilities and businesses committed to equity and inclusion.

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The Canadian Human Rights Act gives each of us an equal opportunity to work and live without being hindered by discriminatory practices. The Canadian Human Rights Commission is responsible to investigate and try to settle complaints of discrimination in employment and in the provision of services by federally regulated organizations. Information is provided about which organizations these are, and about the nature of discrimination and harassment and what can be done.
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