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Definition: Resources about legal topics relevant to operating a business including incorporating a company, forming a partnership, starting a small business, tax and financial issues, and business-related privacy issues.

Alberta Resources

Registry transactions include the issuing and renewing of drivers’ licences, registrations of birth, marriage and death, land title searches and transfers, and registrations of corporations, vehicles, and liens. The majority of these services are delivered on behalf of the Government of Alberta by registry agents located in communities throughout the province. This section of the Service Alberta website provides information on registries in the following categories: Charitable organizations; Corporate registry; Drivers/vehicles; Land titles; Personal property registry; Registry agents (find an agent) and Vital statistics. Many related forms can be downloaded and some services are now available online.

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This website, created by a team from McEwan University, provides a series of video vignettes that realistically portray legal issues that the average business person may have to deal with when conducting business in Alberta. There are also case studies and online acivities. The focus is to develop an overall awareness and understanding of legal issues in a business setting.

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Explore information and resources for starting and running a business or corporation in Alberta. This Alberta government site provides links to information on: setting up a business in Alberta, business licensing and permits, funding opportunities, as well as tools and resources for running a business.

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This article outlines the 4 main steps to consider when deciding to start a business in Alberta. This article was first published in LawNow magazines issue - Law for Entrepreneurs. Other topics covered in this issue include: entrepreneurship and taxes, ten most common mistakes made when launching a new business, and how to deal with bankruptcy as a small business owner.

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Information and resources on setting  up a businesss in Alberta. Topics covered include: deciding how to structure your business, selecting a name, and how to register your business or corporation.

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The Canadian Association of Farm Advisors is a non-profit professional organization dedicated to assisting farm businesses by increasing the skills and knowledge of farm advisors. It's mission is to continually improve the quality of advice being given to farm producers and their families, including agribusiness.

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The Competition Bureau is responsible for administration and enforcement of the Competition Act, the Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act, the Textile Labelling Act and the Precious Metals Marking Act. Its role is to promote and maintain fair competition so that Canadians can benefit from lower prices, product choice and quality services. 

Related keywords: Business, Federal government departments sets out to bring together on a single website the very best consumer information, tools and services available from the most objective and reliable sources. The result is a groundbreaking strategic partnership between more than 400 federal departments and agencies, provincial and territorial ministries and NGO partners. The site aims to empower consumers and help to ensure a fair marketplace where all businesses respect consumer protection laws. Includes a step-by-step guide for making a consumer complaint.

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The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) is an independent body working to protect and inform consumers of financial products and services (such as banking, credit cards, loans, savings and insurance), and to coordinate activities that contribute to strengthening Canadians’ financial literacy.

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This page from the multi-jurisdictional Consumer Measures Committee working group addresses the serious concern that identity theft poses for consumers. It includes links to a Consumer Identity Theft Kit and a Business Identity Theft Kit.

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