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Definition: Resources about legal topics related to operating a motor vehicle.
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Alberta Resources

This Alberta government webpage provides information on the options available to pay traffic fines and overdue Criminal Code fines, traffic tickets and bail forfeitures enforcement.

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You have been charged with a traffic offense. Now what? This Student Legal Services booklet answers this question and more.
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This webpage provides general legal intormation on the types of traffic tickets that you may receive for a traffic offence. Traffic tickets include:

  • Traffic tags
  • Traffic tickets with a specified penalty amount
  • Multi-Nova speeding tickets
  • Traffic summons where you must appear in Court
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Learn about legal options and debt repayment if you caused injury to someone in a motor vehicle accident and you didn’t have insurance.

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This brochure is designed to assist victims dealing with the aftermath of an alcohol or drug-related crash. The brochure was created and published by Mother's Against Drunk Driving (MADD) in 2009. (PDF - 64 pages
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The Canada Safety Council is a national, non-government, charitable organization dedicated to safety. Their mission is to lead in the national effort to reduce preventable deaths, injuries and economic loss in public and private places throughout Canada. Their website is a resource for safety information, education and awareness in all aspects of Canadian life - in traffic, at home, at work and at leisure.

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CCMTA is a non-profit organization comprising representatives of the provincial, territorial and federal governments of Canada which, through the collective consultative process, makes decisions on administration and operational matters dealing with licencing, registration and control of motor vehicle transportation and highway safety. It also comprises associate members whose expertise and opinions are sought in the development of strategies and programs. Related keywords: Driving (26), Public safety (46)

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The Canadian Motor Vehicle Arbitration Plan (CAMVAP) is a program where disputes between consumers and vehicle manufacturers about alleged manufacturing defects or implementation of the manufacturers' new vehicle warranty can be put before a neutral third party (arbitrator) for resolution. Links to an overview of the CAMVAP arbitration process. From the homepage, an introduction to CAMVAP is available in several languages.

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Canadian Transport Agency provides this list of legislation and regulations for your use.
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Information about cannabis, process of legalization, cannabis in provinces and territories, and driving laws.

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