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Family law general resources

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The body of law dealing with marriage, divorce, custody, access and financial support of children and division of property of a failed marriage. General resources relate to family law in general, that is they cover a broad range of subjects within family law.

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Alberta Resources

Vital Statistics Alberta

Vital Statistics, a division of Service Alberta, regulates the registration of all vital events that occur in Alberta such as births, deaths, marriages, and legal changes of name. In addition, the Vital Statistics office is responsible for the registration of religious organizations and clergy who perform marriages, marriage commissioner appointments and providing burial permits. The office also processes delayed registration events and amendments to event records. Most Vital Statistics' services are provided through the registry agent network, including the issuance of marriage licences and applications for birth, marriage and death certificates. 

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This website is meant to make a traditionally complex area of knowledge easier to understand and more accessible. Many Albertan women will benefit from this resource, including those who are new to the English language, have no background in the law, those who cannot afford legal advice and those in remote communities without internet access. Although it is not meant to replace expert advice the resource is a starting place and a guide for women who don’t know where to look.

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British Columbia

The Latin American Community Council and MOSAIC, in partnership, have implemented this online multilingual legal resource to provide comprehensive and critical legal information in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Korean, Persian, Punjabi, Spanish and Vietnamese to Canadian newcomers and community workers in British Columbia.

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This booklet from Family Law Education for Women explains alternative dispute resolution and when to use it in dealing with family law issues. (PDF - 8 pages)

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This web page prepared by the Canadian government has information about parental abduction both inside and outside Canada. It describes how to prevent parental abduction, and what Canadian officials in other countries can and can't do to help if your child has been abducted.

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This website has multimedia presentations (videos) that provide information on presenting a family matters case in Chambers. The website was created by the Law Courts Education Society of  British Columbia but a lot of the information is relevant to other jurisdictions.

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Family Matters with Justice Harvey Brownstone is a TV show which is available online. Justice Brownstone interviews guests from the legal community to answer pressing questions that the public has about family law in Canada. Using social media like Youtube, Skype, and’s Q&A, Justice Brownstone answers questions from the public on family law. Topics include Internet dating, spousal and child support, addictions, parenting, social media, bullying, domestic violence, same-sex marriage/parenting, adoption, child protection, and infidelity.

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Family Mediation Canada is an interdisciplinary association of lawyers, social workers, human services and health care professionals, working together, creating a better way to provide for co-operative conflict resolution relating to separation and divorce, adoption, child welfare, wills and estates, parent/teen and age-related issues, etc. FMC was established in 1985 as a charitable, not-for-profit association under the Canada Corporations Act. FMC also provides information and referrals to Family Mediators across Canada.

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How is Your Legal Health? The goal of the Legal Health Checks is to encourage people to recognize legal problems early, and to take action when problems are identified. For lawyers, these materials are a way to start conversations with people about the law, how to get legal help and how to work effectively with a lawyer. Topics include:

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Transition is a magazine for and about Canada's families. Published quarterly by The Vanier Institute of the Family since 1970, Transition is read by policy-makers, researchers, educators, students, journalists, family-service workers, doctors, lawyers, parents, and many others interested in family issues.

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