Housing for Seniors

Are you looking for appropriate housing for yourself or an older family member? If you are wondering what issues need to be considered when choosing housing for older adults, see the links that follow.

The resources on this page were hand-picked by staff at the Centre for Public Legal Education as a good place to start.

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CPLEA Suggested Resources

Not sure where to begin finding answers to your questions. Get started with our suggested resources. See additional resources below for more information.

The Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta produces and distributes booklets and pamphlets that explain the law in plain language. Topics areas include but are not limited to: Landlord and tenant issues, renting with a pet, roommates, shared accommodation, foreclosure, real estate; and law-related education materials for schools. Publications are available as PDFs or print copies may be ordered.

Related legal topic(s): Landlord and tenant

This website provides legal information for Alberta consumers who are thinking about buying a condo, currently living in one, or considering selling or renting their condo.

Related legal topic(s): Landlord and tenant, Real estate and home ownership

This booklet is a publication of the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta. It provides general information on life leases. A life lease agreement occurs when a person buys the exclusive right to occupy a unit in a particular development for life, a fixed term or until the person can no longer live independently within the unit.

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This Handbook is designed to explain the rights and responsibilities of all tenants, landlords, and agents involved in renting residential premises in Alberta under the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) and regulations: • Residential Tenancies Exemption Regulation • Residential Tenancies Ministerial Regulation • Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service Regulation • Security Deposit Interest Rate Regulation • Subsidized Public Housing Regulation

The Handbook will explain the minimum legislated requirements set out in the RTA. It provides landlords and tenants with options to deal with matters not established as minimum requirements and makes residential tenancy resource material available in a user-friendly format.

Related legal topic(s): Landlord and tenant

Alberta Resources

This website of the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta (CPLEA) focuses on how Canadian law protects and affects older adults. Topic areas covered include elder abuse, planning for the future, personal and family relationships, and various other issues (e.g. consumer, travel).

Related legal topic(s): Consumer protection and fraud, Elder abuse, Family law general resources, Guardianship and trusteeship, Wills and estates