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Legislative materials

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Definition: Federal, provincial and territorial laws, including bills, statutes and regulations.


Canada's parliamentary system is open and democratic. It offers the opportunity for people to give their input and it is designed to make sure proposals for laws are carefully considered. Canada's Parliament consists of three parts: the Queen, the Senate and the House of Commons. They work together to make the laws for our country. This guide provides an overview of the following topics: The Canadian Parliament, Who's Who in the House, A Working Day in the Commons Chamber, Parliamentary Highlights, Making Canada's Laws,The Role of a Member of Parliament, and Being Part of Parliament.

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Hansard provides transcripts of Parliamentary debates. Searchable by date or by Parliamentary Session.

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This short online resource from Courthouse Libraries BC explains how a Bill becomes an Act, or Statute, in Canada.

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The following guide will explain the process by which a typical government initiated bill becomes law. This guide provides an overview of the Federal Legislative Process. To beome law, a bill must first be introduced in either the Senate or the House of Commons. It must then pass through various stages in each House: first, second and third reading. Then it must receive Royal Assent.
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In Canada's Parliament, bills may originate in eith of its two houses - the Senate and the House of Commons. Most legislation begins in the House of Commons. Regardless of where a bill originates, it must be passed by both houses in identical form before it can receiv Royal Assent and become law. This guide provides an overview of the process of how a Senate Bill goes through Parliament.

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This online source of the consolidated Acts and regulations of Canada is provided by the Department of Justice Canada. The consolidations are generally updated on a weekly basis.

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The principal functions of the Treaty Law Division of the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade are, on the one hand, to provide legal advice, both within the Department and to other government departments, on treaty law and, on the other hand, to take care of the actual "nuts and bolts" of the Canada's treaty-making activities. In addition they maintain up-to-date records of all pertinent information relating to the status of treaties affecting Canada.

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The Canada Gazette is the official newspaper of the Government of Canada and has been published regularly by the Queen’s Printer since 1841. Published within the Canada Gazette are new statutes and regulations, proposed regulations, decisions of administrative boards and an assortment of government notices.

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Text of the Youth Criminal Justice Act (2002, c. 1) from the Department of Justice Canada  website.

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NATLEX is a database of national labour, social security and related human rights legislation. Records provide full-text or abstracts of legislation and relevant citation information, and they are indexed by subject classifications. Each record appears in only one of the three ILO official languages (English/French/Spanish). Where possible, the full text of the law or a relevant electronic source is linked to the record.

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