PLE Resources

Public Legal Education (PLE) organizations in Canada work hard to create excellent and valuable resources for the public. The following links will lead you to collections of useful resources in the field of PLE.

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CPLEA Suggested Resources

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The Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta produces and distributes booklets and pamphlets that explain the law in plain language. Topics areas include: Landlord and tenant; Real estate; Wills and estates; Registered charities; Elder abuse; and Law-related education materials for schools. Publications are available to download as PDFs or print copies may be ordered. 

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Calgary Legal Guidance provides free legal advice for individuals with low income. If you need legal information and advice on: Family issues; Criminal issues; Civil issues; Restraining Orders; Emergency Protection Orders etc; Social Benefit issues; and; an evening course on Do Your Own Divorce.

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Alberta Resources

The BearPaw Legal Education & Resource Centre (BearPaw Education) is a program offered by Native Counselling Services of Alberta and funded by the Alberta Law Foundation aimed at helping Aboriginal people navigate the legal system and gain awareness of their legal rights. The BearPaw Education's mandate is to promote awareness of the legal rights and obligations of Aboriginal people living in Alberta and to enhance Aboriginal peoples’ connection and access to justice. 

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The Portage College Public Legal Education Program is a public service initiative offered in partnership with the Alberta Law Foundation. The program offers learning opportunities to individuals, families, and communities throughout North Eastern Alberta through the provision of information, resources, and education on a variety of legal topics. All requests for information are confidential. The program also offers legal education presentations and seminars throughout North Eastern Alberta in communities, agencies, and schools.

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British Columbia

This page will connect you to public legal information materials produced by the LSS (BC). Most publications are available as PDFs or print copies may be ordered. Some are available in other languages.

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The Latin American Community Council and MOSAIC, in partnership, have implemented this online multilingual legal resource to provide comprehensive and critical legal information in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Korean, Persian, Punjabi, Spanish and Vietnamese to Canadian newcomers and community workers in British Columbia.

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Provides legal information on a variety of topics in plain language to the people of British Columbia. Publications can be accessed in a variety of formats, including videos, online wikibooks, and downloadable epubs and PDFs. Print copies may be ordered. Many are available in other languages.

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The National Self-Represented Litigants Project (NSRLP) is committed to advancing understanding of the challenges and hard choices facing the very large numbers of Canadians who come to court without counsel. The Project works to promote dialogue and collaboration among all those affected by the self-represented litigant phenomenon, both justice system professionals and litigants themselves. They publish resources designed specifically for SRLs, as well as research reports that examine the implications for the justice system.

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