Youth Justice

The Youth Criminal Justice Act applies to youth in Canada who are 12 – 17 years old. It outlines how police, diversions programs, the court system and the corrections system will respond to a youth who is accused or found guilty of breaking the law.

Gathered on this page is a sample of resources related to youth criminal justice. But there may be other youth-focused and general audience resources that are also appropriate for your situation. See the topic: Youth criminal justice



Youth Justice Act, RSA 2000, c Y-1

To access the official version go to: Alberta King’s Printer


Canada Evidence Act, RSC 1985, c C-5

CPLEA Suggested Resources

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These FAQs are provided by the Canadian Legal FAQs, a website of the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta. They provide answers to questions about the Criminal Code of Canada. On this page you will find general information FAQs on the Code, shoplifting, and joyriding.

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Alberta Resources

A comic book produced by the BearPaw Education (NCSA), Breach is an entertaining look at a serious topic - breach charges and administration of justice. This youth-oriented resource aims to reinforce the importance of following court orders by explaining the consequences of breaching such orders as well as the benefits of following them.

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The Calgary Youth Justice Society, through a community-development approach, contributes to the success of Youth Justice Committees by providing fundamental support through public awareness, resources, training and guidance. They provide support and leadership to communities who are interested in establishing a Youth Justice Committee.
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Chart describing criminal justice process for youth.
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The Edmonton Youth Justice is focused on youth and the early community intervention of young offenders or youth who are at risk of offending. They focus on restorative justice measures between the offender and the victim, as well as a focus on extra-judicial measures. They do this through the work of three youth justice committees in the City of Edmonton.

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This guide is designed with the intent of helping families and friends of men incarcerated in Alberta navigate our sometimes complex and intimidating Criminal Justice System. This booklet has been prepared by the Edmonton John Howard Society.
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The Office of the Child and Youth Advocate (OCYA) is an independent office of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta, mandated to work with vulnerable young people. 

This includes young people receiving or attempting to access services under the Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act and the Protection of Sexually Exploited Children Act; or who are involved with the youth justice system. 

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These "How old do I have to be?" FAQs are provided by the Canadian Legal FAQs, a website of the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta. They provide answers for youth about age-related issues under various topics: family, criminal, medical and health related, legal and financial, activities (such as driving), school and work.

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The Youth Restorative Action Project is a Youth Justice Committee sanctioned under the new Youth Criminal Justice Act. It is the first YJC mandated to work in youth court with young people who have caused harm as a result of hate crimes and significant social issues YRAP is also the first such committee to be comprised entirely of Youth Members, and takes a unique approach to achieving the goals of Restorative Justice. YRAP also collaborates on projects promoting justice equality and rights for all youth, particularly youth at risk and new Canadians.

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The Youth Criminal Justice Act is Canada's law that applies to youth between the ages of 12 and 17 who have come into conflict with the law. This section includes information and resources to help you better understand the Act and the youth justice system. Resources available in Spanish, Inukilut, and Inuinnaqtun.

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The youth justice system affects individuals between the ages of 12 and 17 who get into trouble with the law. The goal of the Department of Justice is to ensure a fair and effective youth justice system. This website provides information on the Youth Criminal Justice Act and links to tools and resources for the classroom.

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This Department of Justice Canada resource outlines the different rules that apply to youth records. It discusses issues such as when the record will be destroyed, who has access to the file, the impact it may have on work and travel and information about getting a pardon. There is also a chart outlining when, or if, the record will be destroyed. Also may be downloaded as a PDF.

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